During orientation, many of our professors described medical school with the phrase, “drinking from a fire hose”. They said that you can only take in so much and you have to be okay with the fact that much of the material will not make it in, let it go and continue moving forward.

PAUSE: for someone that studies by means of essentially rewriting the textbook, making notecards for every key term, using 17 different colored pens and highlighters, and rewriting a heading 12x so it looks perfect…how can I learn anything if I have to just read it and move on?!

The fire hose idea was nearly correct, but really this is more like drinking from a waterfall and trying not to drown. In case you thought you did everything you could to prepare yourself for medical school, let me be the first to tell you that nothing could possibly prepare you for medical school. You can hear a thousand times that you will be studying a lot and it will be really hard, etc. but you have zero concept of the reality until you are living it yourself. As a pre med student you always expect to get good grades, because if you don’t medical school is not in your future. So we go through our undergraduate degree making A’s and some B’s, feeling as if we are preparing ourselves for the intense academic expectations in medical school. Get to medical school and you are no longer going to be the smartest, and someone will ALWAYS know something you don’t.

By the second week here at ARCOM I had accepted the fact that I have never studied in my life. The volume of material that comes in medical school is unlike anything you could ever imagine. A condensed 13 week anatomy course on top of 5 other courses with required attendance in lecture and multiple 2 hour labs a week. It is a balancing act no clown can handle.

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